Sudanese International Organization

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SIO is a non profit Sudanese International Organization under the r 501(c) 3

Our organization is in desperate need of your Prayers, as well as volunteers and donations!


Please pray for the delivery of healing and services that will reach these children and adults. Pray that there are means in which they may listen or view the videos of Pastor Charles Goui's teachings of the Bible. Please pray that we unite together to teach as many as possible, the Gospel!


Your generosity will help thousands of less fortunate Christian children and adults by allowing us to attain the resources needed to educate them in gospel music. Training them how to play a musical instrument, such as the piano, guitar, drums and the various other instruments useful in Worshiping our Lord! It will also allow us to teach them Arabic and English translations. Our organization helps with phone calls and the day-to-day essentials for living. We provide transportation to various destinations, such as schools, court houses and hospitals. It will allow us to prepare and mail pertinent documents. Your donations will help us all reach our much desired visions for these children and adults.


You may also help by purchasing doors, windows and books . One favorite book of our organization is " Stop Child Soldiers". These children are being taught at a very young age the way of war. We need to STOP this now! We need to teach these children about love and peace and above all, the ways our Lord would have us live!