Sudanese International Organization

Arabic-English Translation

If you need help with Arabic and English, we will provide the most comprehensive assistance available.

Services include:

  • Job appointments
  • Interview with UN
  • Doctor appointments
  • Court appointments
  • Human service appointments
  • School appointments
  • Police issue appointments
  • Order items from other countries
  • and more!

SIO Transportation Motor Carrier

DOT Number 2301150

  • Moving company operation interstate carrier
  • We do blocker job and find load for trucks drivers to ship & deliver
  • Anyone who have 18 wheels truck and want to lease them under our company must have use our DOT # and that means they work under the rules of our company
  • We put MCC # and DOT # on any trucks leasing to us

JARAONE Cleaning & Landscape

We provide cleaning services and landscape services. Contact us if you would like to hire us.

Employment Services

If you would like to work for us, please contact us to apply for a job.