Sudanese International Organization

About Us

Sudanese International Organization -SIO is a non-profit Sudanese International Organization based in both Portland, Maine USA and Brunch Darfur, Sudan We are a solid Christian based group, dedicated to reach the less fortunate Christian children and adults in Africa, Sudan.

Our vision is to educate both children and adults alike, to become self-sufficient by teaching them a useful trade to enter the workplace. In doing so, they attain dignity and prosper in less fortunate situations, where otherwise would be impossible to do without the help of our dedicated group.

There are various methods and tools that we use to teach these people, such as the sewing machine, useful in making clothing and textiles. Welding machines, to make furniture and essential for all areas of construction. Along with various other trades that will help the less fortunate children and adults grow into a working community.

Biblical Education is as equally important to us. We have reached thousands and have taught many about the Gospel, how to sing and come to know our Lord and Savior. This is our mission for these people, and with your help we can reach thousands more!